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The Blue Dress Scarlet Pimpernel sends me this photo that she took on I-5, which runs through California and Washington: But what does it mean? The message could be that we’re all being screwed by the president, but which president? The current one? Or is the ClenisTM to blame? On a related note, could “wearing […]

Domain Registration How does one go about registering a parody site with a URL ending in “.gov”? Because this is clearly a parody site, right? Maybe you won’t realize that it’s a parody site just by going to the front page, but what else can explain this ? It leads with this line: Good afternoon, […]

Blogathon Go Mary Beth! Go Jesse! And Go Drinking Guys! AB UPDATE: It’s now 4:45 a.m. Eastern, Not Geniuses are still blogging strong, even if they’ve only reached their sixth beer. Jesse’s still going, and finding really weird stuff. And Mary Beth’s still going strong too; she thinks the site I talk about in the […]

Edward Kennedy Wants Money And I might have given it to him, until I read this in the solicitation: “Recently, Democrats led the successful charge to slash President Bush’s massive tax cuts for the wealthy.” AB

Rice Watch Day 4 Guest-blogging for Altercation, David Sirota has a post, ”The Amazing Stories of Condoleezza Rice” (scroll down), that documents some of the inconsistencies in Rice’s statements, dating all the way back to the spring of 2002. AB

On a Roll Is it just me, or is Dwight Meredith on a roll lately? I can explain the deficit in a clear and perhaps even convincing fashion, if you can stay awake throughout the entire post. Dwight makes it fun to read. And, while I’m plugging, the non-evil Roger Ailes has a novel idea. […]

DeLay Peace DeLay is on his way to the Middle East to do what he can to prevent Palestinian statehood–even if the plan is acceptable to the hawkish prime minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon. Why? Apparently God wants him to: As an evangelical Christian, he [DeLay] is the most prominent member in Washington of the […]

Bush and Pelosi As you may recall, the latest expansion of the child tax credit excluded low income families who pay little or no income taxes (although they pay payroll taxes). The Senate tried to extend the credit to all families, but the House blocked it. Bush is giving lip service to the Senate plan, […]

Uday Qusay Hussein Dead Jokes Skimming my traffic logs, I see that I’m getting a lot of hits from morbid people searching Google for “Uday Qusay Hussein dead jokes”, even though this site sin’t particularly relevant for that. The problem is that I’ve got jokes about the Green Party (e.g., here), and I have a […]

Rice Watch Day 3 Via Josh Marshall, this from Rice’s top aide Stephen Hadley in a Tuesday, July 22, 2003 White House Q&A: Question: But as of memo number two, certainly Dr. Rice was aware of the concerns, the CIA — Hadley: What we know is, again, a copy of the memo comes to the […]