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Tax Cuts in Action This just in: The White House is expected Tuesday to forecast record budget deficits in excess of $400 billion this fiscal year and next with little hope of a turnaround anytime soon. The simultaneous operations in Afghanistan and Iraq are running around $60b per year, so we can forgive the administration […]

Not Quite Rootin’ Tootin’… …but U.S. intelligence on Iraq was “darn good”, says President Bush. And there’s more; Bush also said “When I gave the speech, the line was relevant.” Relevant! But was it acccurate? And there’s that word again, the one rarely heard before the war, but now mandatory in every statement: “And I […]

Must See: Bush Writing the SOTU Via Atrios, who got the story from Media Whores Online, who in turn got the story from the White House web page: action photos with captions of President Bush drafting, editing, and pondering the State of the Union speech. The photos are good, but I like the captions even […]

Huh? I know North Korea is in the Axis of Evil and all, but explain this: Finnish officials were at a loss to explain an allegation made on Thursday by a U.S. official that North Korea has been caught trying to sell pornography in the small Nordic country… …U.S. Ambassador to Australia Tom Schieffer made […]

On the Lighter Side I came across, a site that uses google search results to capture the essense of a person, place, or thing. I must say that I like the Googlism’s for “Angry Bear”: angry bear is a dangerous bear angry bear is the last thing they want to run into angry bear […]

Nevermind My bad. Sorry. White House Says Case Closed. AB UPDATE: Time Magazine seems to disagree.

Two Thoughts 1. When a president reads in a speech that he’s about to given that a hostile state is actively seeking to a acquire uranium, wouldn’t he normally ask questions like “Is this information reliable? Was Saddam successful? How worried should we be?”, and so forth. Since the Office of the Vice President, the […]

Recession Redefinition Amidst all the Niger Uranium furor I almost missed some interesting economic news. Fortunately, commenter Stirling Newberry alerted me to a story in the Friday Washington Post: Number Crunchers vs. Recession. Said number crunchers are members of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) which, among many other things, is the most widely […]

This Just In Controversy over State of the Union claim intensifies. But apparently, CIA director George Tenet is about to try to take the fall: NEWS ALERT CIA director takes responsibility for information in State of the Union address about Iraq attempts to obtain uranium in Africa. Details soon. In fact, it looks like a […]

Yellowcake Hits the Fan Going back to the initial admission that the State of the Union information was incorrect, I speculated that a vaguely phrased statement would only ignite more press scrutiny. Recall the initial statement, as described in the NYT: White House officials issued a statement in Mr. Fleischer’s name that made clear that […]