I’m a Little Worried…

…about Kevin Drum, aka CalPundit, who seems uncharacteristically out of sorts today. What’s bringing him down? A laundry list of things gone bad, and he doesn’t even mention “massive deficits as far as the eye can see” or inane new abortion restrictions. Things would probably not seem so grim to him if there were a chance of the Democrats recapturing the House (no way), the Senate (a longshot), or the White House (?).

Still, it’s important to keep in mind that there are still 18 month before the election, and that in 1991 with 18 months until E-day, Bush the Elder looked invincible. There was even a hilarious Saturday Night Live skit from 1991 that featured the Democratic contenders each trying to get the other to accept the nomination (and the presumed crushing that was to ensue). Weren’t the Democratic candidates referred to as “The Seven Dwarves” or something like that? I vaguely recall that Clinton was polling in the low single digits in the spring of 1991 as well, and we know how that turned out. I guess my point is that anything can happen, possibly even the Democrats winning control of one of the elected branches of government in 2004.