"Reliable and cost effective industrial capabilities sufficient to meet strategic objectives".

Ilsm writes:

One of the repeated objectives of the highest managers of the military industrial complex is:

“Reliable and cost effective industrial capabilities sufficient to meet strategic objectives”.

Former DoD management objectives had the “health” of the defense industry as a goal. Political appointees, summer help that they are, refer to the military industrial complex as “partners” and “team members”. This is done to confuse people and hide the waste and fraud going on with conflating profit with the “security” of the country.

Partners and team members should not make more money than their value to other “partners”. Unfortunately, the partnership does not extend to the soldiers, citizens or the payers of the social security surplus the DoD ‘partners’ and ‘team members’ use to make the profits for only a small part of the team at the expense of better uses for the money the vast majority of the citizens.

Faulty decision making, fear mongering and continuing waste are the hallmark of this select team that devotes itself to profiting from unnecessary continuous mobilization against some “broad spectrum” bogey men out loose in the dangerous world.

They never broach the question of whether there are better uses of the scarce resource.

They have built a trough filled with gold and the “partners’ and “team members” feed at the trough as “reliable and cost effective industrial capabilities” are mirages.

Their trough is the ends, not any real national security for the taxpayer.

Might as well whittle beaks to defend against the bogey men as rely on the “reliable and cost effective” war profiteering “team members”.

This one by ilsm