Ken Houghton, Bruce Webb, Tom Bozzo, Afferent Input join Angry Bear

In the next few weeks four excellent and dynamic writers will begin posting at Angry Bear on a soon to be determined but regular basis. Many already know the quality of thought and expertise each offers, so it is with great pleasure that we welcome them into the fold of Angry Bear contributors.

Bruce Webb has offered his expertise on Social Security and other topics on many sites. He has agreed to write on Social Security at levels that go beyond Soc Sec 101 to allow us deeper thinking on this important topic. I am hoping he gives a few history lessons along the way.

Tom Bozzo, an economist, publishes at Marginal Utility on a variety of issues.

Ken Houghton, an economist, also posts at Marginal Utility and Economic Question of the Day and has commented often at Angry Bear.

Afferent input is a newcomer who at the moment takes a chart and macro line of posting, and weaves a good narrative.

Angry Bear is an economic blog that includes professional economists, knowledgeable insiders in various positions of business and/or government, and interested amateurs to keep them honest, and as group contributors bring a wealth of expertise, knowledge, experience, and variety of interests to the postings.

While left of center in spirit, we provide at least three ideas somewhat unique to econoblogging in my experience:

First, guest posts are a common feature here, and are accepted from people of all walks of life if well thought out and honest in intent.

Second, some regular contributors have admitted to being Independent or even Republican, but posts are designed to be informative first and partisanship is made clear if they happen to be part of the post. Partisanship is not the same as ‘strong point of view’.

Third, so far we have been able to maintain open comments, because commentors who might have started as ‘snarkers’ have upgraded their comments to take a useful stand. How cool is that!?

I am excited about the direction these new contributors can take us in addition to our excellent current team.