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Make a better election choice

Just want to let everyone here know of this web site I heard about. It is My Election Their opening statement: Isn’t your vote for President worth more time than a game of Sudoku? This site helps you learn which candidates most agree with you. The creators of the site have taken statements made […]

Guess we don’t want all that Globalizing has to offer?

By way of Crooks and Liars comes an article about our declining international tourism industry. This article is a personal account of stopping in the US as the author travels from London to New Zealand.The first paragraph is the econ specifics: The travel and tourist industry is one of the United State‚Äôs biggest money-makers, generating […]

Social Security, the new method of income redistribution

Get this. The problem is that globalization is being threatened, all that good could be lost. The solution; Social Security. In the July/August issue of Foreign Affairs (published by the Council of Foreign Relations) is an article: A New Deal for Globalization by Kenneth F. Scheve is Professor of Political Science at Yale University. Matthew […]

What’s old is New Again

This NY Times piece is making a comparison to yesteryears when those mansions in Newport, RI were built. It starts with Sanford I. Weil of Citigroup and how he compares to Andrew Carnegie. First, how does this period compare: Only twice before over the last century has 5 percent of the national income gone to […]

Buffet wants to "soak the rich" too?

Well, at least equalize the rates at a minimum. But as you read from CNN, he seems to be suggesting something more at least for a certain means of income earning. From the Washington Post: Buffett cited himself, the third-richest person in the world, as anexample. Last year, Buffett said, he was taxed at 17.7 […]

Any thoughts on the fuel costs?

I was tanking up the other day. The Caravan fortunately and not the truck (33 gallons) when I noticed that diesel was about $0.20 less than regular. That seemed unusual from my recollection and got me wondering. So, I found this site by our government titled Energy Information Administration. You can down load all sorts […]

Longer view of savings vs disposable income

Updated below. Cactus’ post got me thinking. And, holding true to my thought that we have changed our focus I decided to take a longer view.First is at chart by year from 1929 to 2006 of the savings % of disposable income. Notice the WWII years? This is the same time income from entrepreneurship was […]

More on Income and saving the rustbelt

This is a continuation of looking at the income of the top 10% of this country. Before we go further, let’s look at what kind of a money machine we are when compared to other countries.This is a chart of GDP by country for 2005 based on data from We seem to be quite […]

Tax breaks for dogs?

Here’s a little fun one for you. Should pets, in this case dogs, be tax deductible like children? That’s right. From a person comes up with this proposal: My husband & I have no children because we cannot afford to have children living on Long Island. But we do have 2 dogs – 2 […]

Has Jacob Marley been visiting?

After reading Stormy’s post on global warming posted Thursday, 3/12, I heard on NPR’s Market Place today, Thomas Friedman’s solution to the problem – Greed. (Green with a D) Now, there is something wrong I think when a negative character trait is professed as a good thing and a necessity to solve a community problem. […]