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More corporate First Amendment Rights?

Via Truthout comes this report from PR Watch: In a new lawsuit against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), big energy extractors are pushing for carte blanche in their interactions with foreign governments, making it harder to track whether their deals are padding the coffers of dictators, warlords, or crony capitalists. The United States Chamber of […]

Corporations are not people and Thomas Hartmann

by Beverly Mann Thomas Hartmann writes via Truthout: Most Americans don’t realize that the idea that ‘corporations are people’ and ‘money is speech’ are concepts that were never, ever considered or promoted or even passed by any legislature in the history of America. Neither were they ever promoted or signed into law by any president […]

Senators Levin and Isakson: millionaire surtax vs corporate repatriation subsidy

by Linda Beale Senators Levin and Isakson: millionaire surtax vs corporate repatriation subsidy The PBS News Hour last night interviewed Senators Levin and Isakson on the jobs bill (video and transcript available here). Isakson was first off.  He sounded like a right wing sound bite machine: we’re overregulating businesses so we need a “time out” […]

Public sector collective bargaining and secrete corporate political campaign contributions

Jonathan Zasloff asks at The Reality-based Community blog New Directions in GOP Political Economy Quite subtle, actually: Public-sector collective bargaining is unhealthy and distorts democracy because it enables workers to influence the government which negotiates with them; but Unlimited and secret corporate political campaign contributions are necessary to democracy because they enable corporations to influence […]

"Run Government Like a Business" = Deficit Spending

We’re used to that line by now. Ross Perot—one of the more prominent people who got rich due to government contracts—used it, Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman are using it (while desperately hoping you don’t pay attention to how they ran Lucent/HP or eBay), and Aaron Sorkin even had Charles Grodin say it in Dave, […]


Recently there has been a claim that corporations are holding large sums of cash rather than investing it because they are fearful of Obama’s “socialist policies”. But if you compare corporate retained earnings to the GDP GAP lagged one year it looks like the debate should be over why corporations are investing so much. This […]

Corporations are now your brother and sister

by Divorced one like Bush If you haven’t heard, the SCOTUS just ruled 5/4 that corporations are now your brother and sister under the constitution.  Hey brother, can you spare a dime? To bad corporations didn’t have to fight in the Revolution and actually bleed to get such rights. More seriously, the court ruled that […]

Doing the Economy One Better

Seems there is a movement afoot to do the economy one better. There will be a conference Beyond GDP held in Brussels in November. GDP is the best-recognised measure of economic performance in the world, often used as a generic indicator of progress. However, the relationship between economic growth as measured by GDP and other […]