Even earlier Cheney

I have intentionally let others post about the politics of this war wanting to keep the focus on economics as that is what attracts me to this blog. BUT…for all the postings here that have resulted in supportive comments for the war, please explain this.

Dick Cheney at the Economic Club of Detroit in 1992 (2 years earlier than the 94 Cheney). Note that Cheney refers to the objectives and achieving them. Note the mention that going in would have resulted in the “disintegration of the Arab coalition”. “The world was with us” was not a post 9/11 phenomenon. It was who we always were.

“It’s not the kind of situation where you could pull up in front of the presidential palace and say common Saddam you’re going to the slammer.”

“For the 146 Americans who were killed in action and for their families it was not a cheap or a low cost conflict.”

I new when Bush was first running he wanted a war. It was in what he was saying. My sweety and I wonder how those supporting him could not see this assuming a reasonable person would not want a war talking president when there was no war potential in sight.

So please (I’m being polite here) tell me how this current war was undertaken for my benefit? Before you hit that comment button, read this too.