Doing Business, World Bank ranking

Just a little break from the usual. Did you know you can pay your taxes easier in Iraq than in the US?

I stumbled across this today. It is the World Bank page on Doing Business. It ranks 178 countries on 10 topics. You can resort the order depending on 3 different settings. When you initially open the page you see the overall order.

Interestingly, the US with it’s over all ranking of 3, under ease of paying taxes: 76th. Iraq ranked 37 under this topic and is not even at the bottom over all! It even ranks 40th on registering property. But it is 164th on starting a business and once you start it, you probably can’t close it as that topic ranks 178 (the bottom).

Have fun.

Update: There is a report that goes along with this. Doing Business in 2005