Make a better election choice

Just want to let everyone here know of this web site I heard about. It is My Election Their opening statement:

Isn’t your vote for President worth more time than a game of Sudoku?

This site helps you learn which candidates most agree with you. The creators of the site have taken statements made by all the presidential candidates and classified them into 18 categories. You then check off the statements you agree with. You are blinded as to which candidate made the statement.

I have done 2 categories that each had 3 pages of statements. When you click Finish, you are taken to a page that has a bar chart showing you the relationship of agreement you have with each candidate. As you complete a category, it adjust your chart to reflect the summation of agreement with each candidate.

I have completed On Taxes, Spending and Fiscal Policy and On Trade and Globalization. Interestingly, so far I have agreement on 8 Clinton statements, 7 Ron Paul, 5 each for Dodd, Hunter, Richardson and Tancredo. It goes down from there with the other candidates to where I have only 1 statement of agreement with Biden and Brownback. I have to say, some of the statements I agreed with I did not expect to have been made by the particular candidate. You are shown in the results who made each statement and the percent of agreement to date of all those who have completed said category.

You can also see what the cumulative is for all those who have completed all the categories based on topic, gender or most popular category. Currently the leading candidate at 27% based on topic is Dodd. At 23% is Kucinich, Hunter, and Huckabee. Clinton is at 11% as is Gravel!

I think this site is just what has been missing in our modern elections. It give one an opportunity to work through all the candidates’ positions while minimizing the prejudice you might have already assigned to a candidate. It is a way of cutting out the coloring that our media adds to our learning about a candidate.

I encourage you to give it a run. But, as they suggest, only pick one or 2 categories to start. You can go back anytime and pick up where you left off. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Enjoy.