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Hardly Worth the Wait – OIG report on Sorting & Delivery Centers

It appears Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is well on his way to implementing his modernization vision of the future US Post Office. The is not going to be pretty. If even half of the claims made by Steve Hutchins and Mark Jamison are true, the nation will suffer a loss which will be impossible to […]

The bank crisis is the latest argument to expand Postal Service banking

An April 20th commentary pulled off of Steve Hutkins’ “Save the Post Office Blog.” Prof. Hutkins tracks what is going on with the USPS, what PG Louis DeJoy is up to, and the transition of the USPS to what DeJoy believes is a profit center and supposedly better than the present. Except the plan is […]

The Postal Service consolidates its network: Modeling five metros

Steve Hutkins and former N.C. Postmaster Mark Jamison have been following the issues with the USPS, its reorganization, and the attacks on it by politicians and commercial interests. This particular post is detailing parts of the reorganization of it. As you will read, the plan is to establish distribution centers where Mail Delivery Personnel would […]

Everything you didn’t know you need to know about the Postal Service’s new commercial

Everything you didn’t know you need to know about the Postal Service’s new commercial, Save the Post Office, Steve Hutkins. Last week the USPS Link had an article — titled “Get a ‘Move’ on” — announcing the Postal Service’s new TV commercial. The commercial is called “Orchestrated Delivery,” and its theme is “We’re reinventing our network” — […]

When a post office is not a post office: USPS celebrates 130th anniversary of the Bellville GA post office by closing it

Steve Hutkins USPS celebrates 130th anniversary of the Bellville, GA Post Office by closing it I’ll tell you all a story that I think you’ll understand Traveling through Georgia, rambling across the land I passed the Bellville Depot and something said to me Stop here son, there’s something you should see. — Tom T. Hall, […]