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Open Thread August 19, 2023 “Appeals court strikes down Utah oil railroad approval”

“The statement received pushback from environmentalists concerned that constructing new infrastructure to transport more fossil fuels will allow more oil to be extracted and burned, contributing to climate change. “Appeals court strikes down Utah oil railroad approval, siding with environmentalists,” Additionally, communities in neighboring Colorado including Eagle County and the city of Glenwood Springs […]

Bringing Railroads Under Public Ownership

UE or the United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America union’s role in railroading is the transportation of train crews. It has a membership of approximately 2,000. Its Executive Board recently issued a statement concerning costs and the plight of labor. And the issues? Pricing issues within the transportation of goods across the US. […]

Rail Workers Are Fighting On After Biden Blocked a National Strike

Politicians may have headed off their strike, but rail workers haven’t stopped organizing for paid sick leave, safe staffing, and time off. AFL-CIO Transportation Trades Department: “The American people should know that while this round of collective bargaining is over, the underlying issues facing the workforce and rail customers remain,” As take from: “Here’s How […]

Pushing Train Crews and Other Railroad Workers to the Brink

What caught my attention to the potential train strike was it not being clear as to why. No one source was explaining why train crews and other crafts were angry at the railroad companies. Doing some reading I came away with a better understanding. Aaron Gordon at Vice does an excellent depiction of the issues. […]

Trucking, Railroads, and Industry

The plight of independent truckers Trucking companies are doing their very best to make their business successful. They use services such as the fleet graphics services to help them promote their company. There were quite a few TV shows out there which gave trucking a romantic style of life to live. It was a lot […]