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Round and around the revolving door does spin…

Lifted from comments from open thread July 23 by reader Jack Round and around the revolving door does spin. Those who take the ride are guaranteed to win, in the game of securities enforcement law. In yet another move between public and private practice John Khuzami moves from the SEC to “….a job that pays […]

America is an Opportunity Society (Rep Paul Ryan WI)

by Run 75441 America is an Opportunity Society (Rep Paul Ryan WI) “I’m personally offended that they’re playing a high-stakes game of chicken with our national defense,” fumed Weston Newton, chairman of the Beaufort County Council, after hearing Senator Graham’s dire warnings. . Lawmakers look for way out as defense cuts near. After agreeing to […]

What is meritocracy?

Andrew Gelman points to our confusions regarding merit in our social perceptions of winners and losers. I might make a list of naughty and nice sayings for another post. Tyler Cowen pointed to an article by business-school professor Luigi Zingales about meritocracy. I’d expect a b-school prof to support the idea of meritocracy, and Zingales […]

The National Health

I wasn’t going to mention Melissa Mia Hall’s death here—this is economics and politics, not sf—but now it is clear that, as usual, there is an overlap: If she had seen the doctor, most likely he would have suspected more than a pulled muscle and would have ordered a life-saving EKG. As Texas lawyer, writer […]

How Much Should I Spend to See a Movie? (In which I channel McMegan)

While the brood was at Mary Poppins, I took advantage of the Academy Awards rules and went to see Revolutionary Road. The incremental cost was subway fare (arguably a sunk cost, since I have old Metro cards) and the $12.50 NYC film ticket price. So that was quite rationalisable; met up with an old friend […]