Round and around the revolving door does spin…

Lifted from comments from open thread July 23 by reader Jack

Round and around the revolving door does spin. Those who take the ride are 
guaranteed to win, in the game of securities enforcement law. In yet another 
move between public and private practice John Khuzami moves from the SEC to “….a 
job that pays more than $5 million a year at Kirkland & Ellis, one of the 
nation’s biggest corporate law firms. In doing so, he is following the 
quintessential Washington script: an influential government insider becoming a 
paid advocate for industries he once policed.” NY Times, July 23, 2013.

    “We started out knowing that everybody and anybody wanted him,” said Mark 
Filip, who leads Kirkland’s government and regulatory defense group.”
    Mr. Khuzami’s skills were so sought after that “…Visa and Bridgewater, the 
giant hedge fund, were among the companies that approached Mr. Khuzami for 
in-house counsel jobs. The fervor grew so great that Fox Business declared it 
the “biggest bidding war on Wall Street.”

    So what were his accomplishments while in government service? All the NY 
Times article could point to was a conviction of a “terrorist” and “The job 
paved the way for him to join the United States attorney’s office in Manhattan, 
where he ran a securities task force.”

    “Mr. Khuzami drew praise for creating units to track complex corners of Wall 
Street and applying prosecutorial tactics to civil cases. Under Mr. Khuzami, the 
enforcement division logged a record number of actions, including a case against 
Goldman Sachs.”

    There is nothing in the article describing any enforcement of securities 
laws and nothing regarding any record of convictions. Lots of info about all the 
good he has done, and likely will do, for the banking and securities firms he’ll