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Students ask “How Many More?”

“This will be a national story for about 48 hours. Those folks will swoop in, leave and move on. It’ll be an MSU story, part of our community story, forever. And, for some, a new fear and a loss of peace will be part of it.“ After the 48 hours passes? Similar to the other […]

Bring your gun to work 2005

NRA campaigns to bring a gun to work should be remembered: Actually, the NRA’s power has been waning since at least 2005 when it declared a boycott against ConocoPhillips, a major Oklahoma employer with 3,000 workers, for blocking its bring-your-gun-to-work efforts. “ConocoPhillips went to federal court to attack your freedom,” thundered Wayne LaPierre, NRA executive […]

America is an Opportunity Society (Rep Paul Ryan WI)

by Run 75441 America is an Opportunity Society (Rep Paul Ryan WI) “I’m personally offended that they’re playing a high-stakes game of chicken with our national defense,” fumed Weston Newton, chairman of the Beaufort County Council, after hearing Senator Graham’s dire warnings. . Lawmakers look for way out as defense cuts near. After agreeing to […]