Students ask “How Many More?”

This will be a national story for about 48 hours. Those folks will swoop in, leave and move on. It’ll be an MSU story, part of our community story, forever. And, for some, a new fear and a loss of peace will be part of it.

After the 48 hours passes? Similar to the other shooting stories, this story will also be thrown on top of all the other stories of shootings.

Michigan State shooter stole lives and peace of mind,”, Graham Couch Lansing State Journal.

It is becoming common place in the US. Just another shooting and back to normal now. Move along and get on with your lives. The dead will be another addition to the numbers shot is 2023.

As reported by Shelton Krause also of the Lansing State Journal . . . “Eight people who were shot Monday on Michigan State University’s campus were students. The gunman had no known ties to the school.

The shooter took his own life “after being confronted by police on Lansing’s north side.

 No reason determined yet of why, why the shooter chose Michigan State University to enact his anger against young college students.

Students were flipping tables to hide from the shooter.

MSU junior Ramiz Malik . . . “After the third, fourth and fifth shot, everybody started panicking and ran.” 

Lansing State Journal reporter Graham Couch added;

Not that they weren’t prepared for it. They grew up in an era of active-shooter drills and regularly seeing news of shootings in schools and on college campuses.

Besides the struggle to get a decent education, college students must also be prepared to survive attacks at college. Pitiful.

Having that base and background training in high school and all that stuff really did help me in that situation,” Ramiz Malik of Canton, Michigan.

Students will still be attempting to process an experience which none of them were prepared for and never should have experienced.