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Speculation, Again

Rick Newman of Useless News and World Report busts some myths. And gets to the heart of the “speculators” issue: Many companies, for instance, want to lock in the price they’re going to pay down the road for petroleum products and other supplies they need to run their businesses. So they make agreements with suppliers […]

U.S. Energy Policy Could Be Worse (No, Really!)

by Tom Bozzo It could be China’s, for one. The FT reminds us that there are income and substitution effects: Even though GM does not officially sell Hummers in China, a booming grey market has developed. In Beijing alone, more than 15 car dealers are selling the tank-like vehicles to China‚Äôs army of new car-buyers. […]

Unused oil drilling permits: 9300

Watching Cspan at lunch of the House debt on taxes and energy Rep Emanual stated there are currently 9300 unused oil drilling permits in the US. The counter to the statement was from Rep McCrery: There must be a reason for them being unused. Yes, obviously if they are unused there is a reason. Any […]

Oil and water do not mix to our benefit

The Albuquerque Tribune editorializes: In oil drilling, the question is always who suffers and who benefits – not in the abstract but in the details of daily lives. Sure, the American economy needs more American oil. But mining and property laws are often ruinous to ranchers, farmers and homeowners who are beset by drillers, their […]