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Latest EIA US Oil Supply and Disposition Data

If readers are wondering what is the US doing to alleviate the rising prices of oil during the pandemic and the Russian invasion, RJS has written a good summation of what is going on in the US and where we might be during the drawdown of the SPR. It is dense reading due to the […]

Despite OPEC shortfall, first global oil surplus of 360,000 barrels per day

RJS, Focus on Fracking; Oil prices went on another wild ride, but i’m going to copy what I wrote on the monthly OPEC report here. The oil surplus, albeit small, surprised me. If it was going to happen, it would be during the winter for most of the planet’s driving population. Note this is for […]

No Improvements to Oil Inventory, SPR, oil + product, distillate supplies

RJS, Everything Got Worse . . . US oil supplies at a 13-year low; SPR at a 19 1/2-year low, total oil + products supply at a 94-month low after across the board draws; distillate supplies at a twenty-seven-month low The Latest US Oil Supply and Disposition Data from the EIA US oil data from […]

Natural Gas Up, SPR same, Oil Supply Down, Gasoline Supplies Up

Commenter Blogger RJS Summary: Natural gas supplies above average for first time since April. Strategic Petroleum Reserve at a 19-year low. Total oil & products supplies near a 7-year low. Total oil supply falls by most in 25 weeks. Gasoline supplies jump most in 20 months. Distillate’s demand falls by most in 5 years. DUC […]

Oil Supplies at 83 Month Low, Demand at Record High

Total supplies at an 83 month low; total demand at a record high; distillates demand at 18+ year high; global shortage at 1,210,000 bpd, Focus On Fracking, RJS Strategic Petroleum Reserve approaching a 19 year low; oil + products supplies drop to an 83 month low; total oil product demand sets a record high, led […]

Oil Rebounds and SPR at another 18 – 1/2 year Low

Oil rebounds on Omicron optimism; SPR at another 18 1/2 year low as sales to Asian refiners begin, Focus of Fracking, RJS Not really much news this week; gasoline & distillate inventories continue to rebound from the lows, no big moves on prices or much else; the headline is almost contrived . . . the […]

Globally; oil short at 2,400,000 barrels/day; OPEC output is 375,000 barrels/day short of quota

Focus on Fracking: US oil price at a 7 year high; largest US oil inventory build in 7 months; global oil shortage at 2,400,000 barrels per day as OPEC output is ​375,000 barrels per day short of​ quota​. Commenter and Blogger RJS OPEC’s October Oil Market Report Wednesday of this week saw the release of OPEC’s […]

The oil industry is undergoing a major structural change.

Lifted from comments from this post US to be leading producer of oil is Spencer England’s comment about structural change in the oil markets. Obvious to some but bears repeating for a lot of us, as we discuss environmental issues or gasoline prices in the media more than structural economic impacts: Spencer says: The development […]

US to be leading producer of oil?? What does that mean?

Lifted from a note on energy from Reader rjs comes a link filled narrative on oil and production issues for oil.  He deals with one aspect of drilling for “energy independence”. From reader rjs: Saudi America? The release of this year’s edition of the World Energy Outlook from the IEA (International Energy Agency) received quite a bit […]

Energy independence and a national fleet of hot air baloons

Via Economist’s View on reducing oil imports and energy independence for the US is reader Min’s proposal, which I have unabashedly stolen: For forty years politicians have been promising energy independence for the US. Forget it. It is not going to happen, at least not any time soon. Our best bet is to cut back […]