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Minnesota’s future: How to contain health care costs, revisited

This is an interesting occurrence. On its own Minnesota is moving forth with a health care study to be completed by March 2024. The study topic is the implementation of single payer within the state and its impact on administrative costs. This year the state began questioning its present commitment to traditional healthcare’s and its […]

Testimony of Kip Sullivan, on behalf of Health Care for All Minnesota

I used to think Minnesota was a pretty cool state. Spent some time in the boundary waters between Minnesota and Canada. Great experience for a 15 year old. After reading this, I find Minnesota to be just as backwards as Wisconsin is outside of Madison and Milwaukee. Great place to roam and bad politics. I […]

A futile quest

A futile quest, Why “performance” measurement is not working, Minnesota Physician The Independent Medical Business Journal, Kip Sullivan, April 2020 Intro: “Pay for Performance” is not a new catch phrase in the healthcare community, but it is one that has seen a recent spike in interest from the general public and healthcare world alike. The renewed […]

FGM in Minnesota

The Minnesota Star Tribute has a bizarre story entitled Minnesota bill against female genital mutilation raises opposition. It begins: Opposition from some members of Minnesota’s immigrant and refugee communities is slowing the momentum of a bill that would impose stiff penalties for parents involved in cases of female genital mutilation. Let’s call it like it […]