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Heath Care Reform– Looking at the Glass Half-Full

Rdan (Run 75441…h/t) Maggie Mahar writes an essay that is now cross posted at Angry Bear with the author’s permission: Health Beat, a Project of the Century Foundation;November 4, 2009 Heath Care Reform– Looking at the Glass Half-Full What Has Been Accomplished; What Still Must Be Done These days, many progressives are expressing deep disappointment […]

A Real Public Option

One of the most notable things about ski trips to the States from Canada was that they offered “U.S. medical insurance”—a buy-in that cost around the same as a lift ticket if you wanted to ski Stowe instead of Tremblant. One of the scariest moments in Sicko is when the Canadian relatives note that they […]

Give A Man A Fish

I once spent a couple of weeks asking myself, “How can a nation, or even just a city, cheaply deal with a scarcity of food for the poor, together with a plenitude of cheapbad food (whether fast or home-made) which harms ones health?” I came up with the Streetfood Initiative (still in planning, I am […]

Medicaid Dilemmas – Part 1

by Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt Medicaid Dilemmas – Part 1 Medicaid is a federal/state program covering poor people, with general services for all ages and long-term care (nursing home) services for the indigent elderly. State budgets are extremely tight, and many states are cutting reimbursements, including nursing home reimbursements. The majority of long-term nursing home […]

How malpractice drives health care costs

by Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt How malpractice drives health care costs. This is a bullet point narrative, representing a long time line, but illustrates what happens to drive health care costs: Emergency physicians use x-rays to diagnose closed-head injuries and miss brain bleeds. The hospital and physicians are threatened or sued for malpractice. Word circulates […]

Beware Canada – The Libertarians are Coming! (Louder)

Via a former editor’s Twitter feed, the Simon Fraser Institute decides to segment the costs of Canadian health care. For the good of the people, of course: It is critically important, however, that Canadians understand the true cost of Medicare. Armed with a more meaningful estimate, Canadians will be able to better assess whether or […]

The Doomsday Scenario

by Tom aka Rusty The Doomsday Scenario So why are conservatives so excited about health care reform? Many see the progressive left pushing a gradual move to the Doomsday Scenario, something like this: 1) private health insurance is hyper-regulated, underwriting standards are eliminated, and premium costs rise astronomically 2) employers, especially smaller employers, drop coverage […]

Mankiw quotes CBO on medical Spending

hby Spencer On Monday Greg Mankiw quoted a CBO study on health care spending. An Ounce of Prevention …is expensive, says CBO:the evidence suggests that for most preventive services,expanded utilization leads to higher, not lower, medical spending overall. That was the end of his quote from the study. He did not quote the part of […]

Will catastrophic only health insurance be rescinded in the end?

rdan Taunter explains how the .5% rescission rate figure discussed in the hearings on health insurance premiums and coverage is used to dismiss Congressional concerns as inconsequential and actually is a good business practice that will not change. It is worth going to the post to accurately follow the train of thought. Taunter concludes that […]

Fixing the fixing. Health care Deja vu

by divorced one like Bush Responding to a couple of comments to my post yesterday, I want to present some history. PARCA. Patient Access to Responsible Care Act. 1997 by Alfonse D’Amato (R-N.Y.) and Rep. Charlie Norwood, a Georgia Republican and licensed dentist who argues: “If we can protect trees and animals, why can’t we […]