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More on the Public Option in the current house bill HR 3962

by Divorced one like Bush Bruce Webb put up a post titled “Health Care Exchange: Eligibility vs. Enrollment“. I have gained some clarification on the subject and have shared it with Bruce. I have asked him to comment also. There is a concern as to whether access to the Public Option (PO) was limited. Bruce’s […]

A Real Public Option

One of the most notable things about ski trips to the States from Canada was that they offered “U.S. medical insurance”—a buy-in that cost around the same as a lift ticket if you wanted to ski Stowe instead of Tremblant. One of the scariest moments in Sicko is when the Canadian relatives note that they […]

Public Option Opt Out and the Commerce Clause

by Bruce Webb Well it looks like Harry Reid is going to introduce a bill that includes a Public Option with a state opt-out provision. Which I guess means the Tenthers won’t have to secede from the Union after all. But it raises some questions. Let’s say I am from Washington State and have an […]

The Maine Chance

Robert Waldmann One strange thing about the health care reform debate is that insurance companies claim to support reform. I have tended to suspect that they are just playing possum. Now I find positive proof that WellPoint is willing to do what it takes to make sure health care reform passes — they sued the […]

Quote of the Day

Health Affairs tells the truth and shames…well… Unlike for-profit firms, a public plan has no incentive to cut corners and prevent providers from giving their patients quality evidence-based care, because its ultimate goal is public health, not private profit. Nor does it have any interest in sideswiping regulations and shortchanging consumers. Free market proponents argue […]

Cost Controls and the Public Option: Why Losing the PO Would be Terrible-but Not Fatal

by Bruce Webb The part of the blogosphere that caters to the Progressive Left is hardening its position around the Public Option, it has become a non-negotiable point, the line in the sand, the “are you with us? or against us?” line. And I don’t have any problems with that position as a matter of […]