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HR3962 as Passed: the importance of close reading

by Bruce Webb H.R.3962:Affordable Health Care for America Act (Engrossed as Agreed to or Passed by House). Back in July I singled out what I thought was the single most important provision of the House Tri-Committee Bill in a post called Sec 116: Golden Bullet or Smoking Gun. Yesterday I followed up with a new […]

STILL the most important sentence in the House HC Bill

by Bruce Webb Much of the criticism about the House Health Care Bill coming from the left revolves around the ‘fact’ that it has no meaningful premium and so profit controls. Moreover most of those same people are promoting HR676 as an alternative. Frankly those people simply haven’t read either bill with attention to detail. […]

Opting Out and Individual Affordability Credits: a reply to DOLB

by Bruce Webb Divorced One and I are having what I think is a useful exchange that started with my post on Eligibility and Enrollment which he followed up with More on the Public Option. If you haven’t read that please do as this piece won’t make much sense otherwise. DOLB and I now agree […]

More on the Public Option in the current house bill HR 3962

by Divorced one like Bush Bruce Webb put up a post titled “Health Care Exchange: Eligibility vs. Enrollment“. I have gained some clarification on the subject and have shared it with Bruce. I have asked him to comment also. There is a concern as to whether access to the Public Option (PO) was limited. Bruce’s […]

CBO Scores Boehner Amendment to HR3962

by Bruce Webb Last evening the CBO Director Blog announced the release of a score of the Boehner amendment: A Preliminary Analysis of a Substitute Amendment to H.R. 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act. The results are not impressive: (as always click to enlarge)The amendment is scored at reducing the deficit by $68 […]

HR3962: the new House Bill and its Scoring

by Bruce Webb Well I have been venturing around the blogosphere and it is grievously clear that most people did not take my advice and Read the Bill!. Well it is not too late: (3.3 MB) Moreover CBO followed up with their preliminary analysis: The above image is Table 2 and it shows the […]