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Fo/u/r/ive Notes

For Mother’s Day, as it were, xkcd presents The Lawrence H. Summers Memorial History of Math and Science. Buce at Underbelly does this, probably saving me the trouble of a post. (Consider this a SlothBear moment.) The problem I want Drek the Uninteresting—or anyone else who knows the research—to address: if we assume that mercury […]

Coming Soon from Major Economists Near You

Ken Houghton is talkin’ about his generation. Pete Davis, Mark Thoma (who at least has the decency to phrase it in the form of a question), N. Gregory Mankiw, and Brad DeLong explain why there should not be any penalties against providers of West Virginia water (h/t Bitch). Because fungible is fungible, even if it […]

Mankiw quotes CBO on medical Spending

hby Spencer On Monday Greg Mankiw quoted a CBO study on health care spending. An Ounce of Prevention …is expensive, says CBO:the evidence suggests that for most preventive services,expanded utilization leads to higher, not lower, medical spending overall. That was the end of his quote from the study. He did not quote the part of […]

Those Who Think the "Left of Center" is Too Tough on N. Gregory Mankiw

should read Sensible Centrist J. Bradford DeLong on the difference in forecasting between the current Administration and the CEA under N. Gregory Mankiw. Romer/Bernstein/Kreuger et al., 2008-9 edition: As I understand matters, last December the median private-sector forecast had the unemployment rate topping out at 9% in the second half of 2009. The incoming Obama […]

I Remember When Mankiw was still a Neo-Keynesian

Cassander, writing at Steve Keen’s Debtwatch,* puts the hammer to those arguing that the death of the patient had nothing to do with the doctor: What a load of bollocks. The “principles of economics” that [N. Gregory] Mankiw champions, and the “More economic research (and teaching)” that [Doug] McTaggart et al are calling for, are […]

Maybe Songsmith isn’t Completely Useless after all

After the first round, I was convinced that Microsoft’s songsmith was at best, a way to produce mash-ups for the tonally impaired. Kieran Healy has convinced me otherwise, with this piece: capitalism in action, set to music: I believe this is what we meant when we talked about “creative destruction,” back in the days when […]

Game, Set, and Match

DeLong body-slams Mankiw. Especially like this: Mankiw: The CEA website should also post a notice about CEA internships, as we had during my tenure as CEA chair, so students can find out how to apply. DeLong: “Let me, for one, state that I am very glad that Christie Romer has been too busy since her […]

Crowding Out and the Perils of Oversimplified Models

Tom Bozzo tips the hat to Ken and SvN for a pointer to a nice paper from the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking called “The Deficit Gamble,” by Laurence Ball, Douglas Elmendorf (now CBO director), and N. Gregory Mankiw. Ball, Elmendorf, and Mankiw showed that the government can “with a high probability” run a […]

This is why Krugman Makes the Big Bucks

The Quote of the 21st Century: And you’ve got Greg Mankiw — well, I don’t know what Greg actually believes, he just seems to be approvingly linking to anyone opposed to stimulus, regardless of the quality of their argument. Either that, or it’s a description of everything that is wrong with the field of Economics […]

The Best and the Brightest Meme — Eight Years Too Late?

Ken Houghton CR beat me to commenting on this Mankiw whine post, partially because I couldn’t think of anything reasonable to say about it. (CR could. That’s why he gets the big bucks.) But now that CR has done the heavy lifting, let’s look at the other aspect: Mankiw’s standard: Based a standard ranking of […]