The Doomsday Scenario

by Tom aka Rusty

The Doomsday Scenario

So why are conservatives so excited about health care reform?

Many see the progressive left pushing a gradual move to the Doomsday Scenario, something like this:

1) private health insurance is hyper-regulated, underwriting standards are eliminated, and premium costs rise astronomically

2) employers, especially smaller employers, drop coverage and push employees to the “public plan”

3) the resulting dislocation of coverage and expansion of the public plan becomes a rationale for single payer – “see, we told you so” by the left

Having read thousands of pages of reform material over the past 18 months, and having studied the various reform movements since the early 90s, I think the Doomsday Scenario is quite feasible, and certainly I wouldn’t put it past the progressive left.

In public President Obama emphatically denies any such scenario. However, if the Scenario were to evolve, would he revert to his earlier ideas on single payer?

My request is for an honest debate. If Obama really wants to move to single payer, he should say so, and let the real debate begin.

For now, expect fireworks (not excusing rude behavior by the way).
by Tom aka Rusty