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Climate Change Motivates Students to Vote in Midterms

A brief introduction. I received an email about a week ago asking if Angry Bear would be interested. I wish I had posted it then. The survey reflects what students of all ages are thinking about Climate Change. A good read . . . ~~~~~~~~ A BestColleges survey reveals the majority of students think climate […]

A Bit of History on the “Right to Vote”

This seems appropriate three days before an important election. Are we going to take back our right and not allow a minority to force their will upon a nation. Denying women, the right to decide was just one step in the process. I think we will take that right back. Professor Heather Cox – Richardson […]

Africa, a biography

Just finished “Africa, A Biography of a Continent”” by John Reader. I don’t recall how this book came into my possession. It may have been on my mom’s bookshelf when we stopped by after they moved to take whatever we wanted. Whatever its provenance, I had only read a little African history: “King Leopold’s Ghost” […]

MOHELA Tells Republican States It is Not Involved in Lawsuit

“Major student-loan company (MOHELA) just undermined the GOP-led lawsuit halting Biden’s debt cancellation,” (, Ayelet Sheffey. Oct 12, 2022, Biden’s Student-Debt Relief Goes to Court Today. Here’s the GOP Argument, (, Ayelet Sheffey. Republicans representing Arkansas, South Carolina, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri all said the states could suffer revenue loss from student-loan forgiveness, even […]

What News Was in My In-Box, November 2, 2022

A lot of good and assorted News topics to be read. I did not include any about the upcoming election. I did include one on polling. The same as 2020, I believe the polling results are tainted. We are not getting a clear picture from polling or news reporting. That is just one of 30-something […]

Emissions Gap Report for the United States and Globally

Two posts are at the bottom of this one. Just talking about on-purpose emission of exhaust by pickup trucks which have had the emissions control devices altered. They did this to blow black exhaust out of their exhaust. This report on Treehugger is an update on how well the world is doing. Simple terms, it […]

The idea of “local political leaders” should be participating

October 25, 2022, Heather Cox Richardson, ( There are quotes, and then there are quotes. Tonight, in the debate between Democratic candidate John Fetterman and Republican candidate Mehmet Oz as part of their campaigns to replace Republican Pennsylvania senator Pat Toomey, who is retiring, Oz said he wanted abortion decisions to be made by “women, […]

What News Was in My In-Box, October 26, 2022

Quite a few varying articles in healthcare and other topics this week. Pfizer is hoping to make a killing on it mRNA vaccine, shots are approved for 6 months to five-years of age, Medicare Advantage plans, and Novartis is back again with a cancer drug. A COA has blocked student loan relief, lots of talk […]

A Declining Interest in Boosters

Much of this post is from “Among Seniors, a Declining Interest in Boosters,” ( This article first appeared in the New York Times as authored by Paula Span, October 22, 2022. I think what is important here is the growing indifference to Covid. They have been inoculated against Covid with the original series of shots. […]

As Predicted, “Right Wing Opposition to Student Loan Relief”

This just popped up (October 19, 2022) at Scotus Blog. Just as expected the right filed to block student loan relief. Initially filing at the 7th District COA and another filing to SCOTUS just in case they lose at the 7th District. Apparently, they feel it is unfair students get any relief to loans which […]