The Economics of buying a World Class Sweater

I am offering up something different to Angry Bear readers. The offer is a chance to listen to an article on Radio Atlantic. Or you can read the article:

“Read This Before You Buy That Sweater,” The Atlantic, by Hanna Rosin Or at least read the tag.

An introduction:

“We’re in the coldest season. We’re in the shopping season. We’re in the season of hygge. All the cues point to buying yourself a new cozy sweater. Don’t do it, until you hear what Atlantic staff writer Amanda Mull has to say about the cratering quality of knitwear. For years I’ve wondered why my sweaters pilled so quickly, or why they suffocated me, or smelled like tires. And then I read Mull’s recent story titled;

Your Sweaters Are Garbage.’

It turns out that international trade agreements, greedy entrepreneurs, and my own lack of willpower have conspired to erode my satisfaction.

In this episode of Radio Atlantic (another option), we talk to Mull, who writes about why so many consumer goods have declined in quality over the last two decades. As always, Mull illuminates the stories the fashion world works hard to obscure: about the quality of fabrics, the nature of working conditions, and how to subvert a system that wants you to keep buying more. ‘I have but one human body,’”’ she says. ‘I can only wear so many sweaters.'”

A Choice to be made:

Read the complete article here: Read This Before You Buy That Sweater or listen to the article here: The Atlantic. The article is ~22 minutes in length if you listen. I subscribe to the Atlantic, have done so for ~10+ years, and can use this as a freebie.

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