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Cobweb model

(Dan here…follow the link to the comment section on Kevin Quinn’s somewhat cryptic post to learn more on economics) Muth and Lucas: Call your offices!  On his Marginal Revolution blog, Tyler Cowen describes the recent “purge” in the trucking industry. The pandemic shift in demand towards goods, as opposed to services, produced a big increase […]

The Global Financial Cycle and Emerging Market Economies

by Joseph Joyce The Global Financial Cycle and Emerging Market Economies The Federal Reserve‚Äôs latest increase in its policy rate is a signal of its desire to reestablish its credibility after U.S. inflation rose to 8.6% in May, and a precursor of more hikes.  Similar increases have been implemented by the Bank of England and […]

Tariffs and Inflation

Tariffs and Inflation Kevin Quinn, Econospeak  Jason Furman and Janet Yellen have both suggested that cutting Trump’s tariffs would be anti-inflationary. But most economists agree that the incidence of the tariffs is for the most part on US consumers, not foreign suppliers (pace the treasonous and ignorant former president, who crowed about all the revenues we […]