New Deal democrats Weekly Indicators for July 24 – 28

Weekly Indicators for July 24 – 28 at Seeking Alpha

 – by New Deal democrat

My Weekly Indicators post is up at Seeking Alpha.

While there continues to be evidence of the normal progression of weakness from long leading to short leading to coincident indicators, there has also been an anomalous major positive resurgence in some of the short leading indicators.

By normal historical standards, we “ought” to be well into a downturn. And yet consumer spending continues strongly, as we saw yesterday in the personal income and spending report, and as was reflected in Thursday’s Q2 GDP.

As the mid year data rolls in, I will be shortly updating all of my systems, starting with a comprehensive look at the long leading indicators (probably!) this week.

In the meantime, the high frequency report will bring you up to the virtual moment on the data, and bring me a small reward for the effort I put into it.

New Deal democrats Weekly Indicators for July 17 – 21, Angry Bear, New Deal democrat