Low Income Families Spend Tax Credit on Basic Needs and Education

This topic is blowing up in the news. Politicians claiming recipients are laying out cash for drugs and other unneeded things. Funny thing, they didn’t give a damn when 20 million hydrocodone and oxycodone tabs showed up at five pharmacies in 4 small towns having a total population of ~22000 in 2016.

Gotta keep those pharma contributions rolling into their campaign funds. I featured this in a 2018 post, if you read it . . .

How are Low Income Families Spending Tax Credit?

This is a wow! People are really spending their extra bucks on essentials. How can that be? Some are claiming it is the opposite. Digsby at Hullabaloo has a similar chart as taken from the CBPP and a good commentary. Mike’s Blog Roundup at Crooks and Liars featured Digsby’s commentary.

Followed up at CBPP and found this chart. This chart adds another key measurement. What is the concentration of expenditures?

CBPP Senior Research Analyst Claire Zippel:

Some 91 percent of families with low incomes (less than $35,000) are using their monthly Child Tax Credit payments for the most basic household expenses β€” food, clothing, shelter, and utilities β€” or education.

Claiming BBB funds given to those making <$35,000 annually is mostly being spent on on Opioids is just another lie in an attempt to end Biden’s additional child support.

The issue with the Opioid crisis has been pharmaceutical companies flooding the market with OxyContin misusing the Jick and Porter letter/comment in the NEJM and their claiming Purdue’s new drug and opioid tabs were nonaddictive. This started with the introduction of OxyContin (nineties) by Purdue which flooded the marketplace with OxyCondin and other opioid based tabs. It was a deliberate misinterpretation of the Jick and Porter letter/comment by the medical industry.

In my post Opioid Use since 1968 and Why It’s Abuse Increased, I had cited two US Senate Joint Economic Committee graphs showing the numbers of Opioid deaths since the sixties. It is not too difficult to recognize the impact of the introduction of OxyContin as fed by the misuse of the Jick and Porter letter to the NEJM, starting in the mid-nineties. Misuse by the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries in the promotion of Oxycontin.

Some Thirty Years Later, Congress Gets Off Their Butts

In 2016, law makers were questioning Miami-Luken and H.D. Smith about the millions of hydrocodone and oxycodone pills sent (2006 to 2016) to five pharmacies in four tiny West Virginia towns. There was a total population of ~22,000 in those towns..

Ten million pills also showed up at two small pharmacies in Williamson, West Virginia. The number of deaths increased along with the company and wholesaler profits. There were 6500 pills per person in Williamson.

Go figure . . . Don’t know if they were driving pink Cadillacs either. Probably not but it is a good make-believe. And the fools believe this shit.

Yes, we have senators and representatives in Congress who spread misinformation about what the child tax funds are being spent on by constituents. And we have fools who believe the lies.