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We’ve turned a corner on intersectionality and come to a crossroads…

And now what Sandwichman calls a frivilous post. The right-wing War on Wokeness has won over Seattle progressive Democrats . . . “because we can’t afford to give the GOP any ammunition for the 2022 election.” Democrats, who are famous for “keeping our powder dry,” are now concerned that their opponents may use the specter […]

Zero-Sum Foolery 2 of 4: Doomsday Climate Machine

by Sandwichman Zero-Sum Foolery 2 of 4: Doomsday Climate Machine We have met the doomsday machine and it is us. The “doomsday machine” became a household word after Herman Kahn speculated about building such a device in his 1960 book, On Thermonuclear War. Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove: How I learned to stop worrying and love […]

“Post Post Work Post”

As one of those manufacturing people who improve throughput, I often read Sandwichman who writes for “Econospeak BlogSpot I hope you enjoy his analysis of robots replacing humans and the resulting availability of time off. Wait a minute, does a post work society giving time off really take place? “Automation may mean a post-work society […]

Your Tax Dollars Subsidizing Methane Gas Emissions

Sandwichman at Econospeak has a post up on subsidizing Methane and the BLM. It fits in with the Bundy take over of the Wildlife Refuge Bldg. He credits 538 Politics for this exclusive The Armed Oregon Ranchers Who Want Free Land Are Already Getting A 93 Percent Discount We are paying for the air pollution […]

Hughes on First?

Sandwichman cross post taken from Econospeak Have to admit, the spectre of mailman flying a gyrocopter onto the lawn of the Capitol building appeals to the Sandwichman’s weakness for eccentric idealists. From the Tampa Bay Times, here is the letter that Doug Hughes was delivering to 535 members of both houses of Congress. Dear ___________, […]

Cheese-eating Job Creators (and the lump-of-labor fallacy)

I have been following Sandwichman for a long period of time. Since I do shop floor throughput exercises which no economist appears to understand in a micro sense, Sandwichman comes the closest to what I deal with on a day to day basis. Paul Krugman in 2003: “Traditionally, it is a fallacy of the economically […]


by Sandwichman  (re-posted with author’s permission): In his Essay Concerning Human Understanding, John Locke affirmed, “I do not question but that human knowledge, under the present circumstances of our beings and constitutions, may be carried much farther than it hitherto has been, if men would sincerely, and with freedom of mind, employ all that industry […]

"Of Property" and the Mercantilist Fallacy

  Sandwichman at Econospeak offers a look at a piece of history: “Of Property” and the Mercantilist Fallacy “Though the earth, and all inferior creatures, be common to all men, yet every man has a property in his own person: this no body has any right to but himself. The labour of his body, and the work of his […]