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Growth in Population, Immigration, and Migration

Just some ramblings of mine after looking at numbers. I do know Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania voter politics are changing. They are slowly becoming Democratic. People migrating to other states appear to be more liberal than the ones living there already. AZ is a purple state. That is the longer term outlook. It looks like […]

Old and new feedburner subscriptions…are they working now for you?

MEV has written that this should be happening for our subscribers: Feedburner issue: You currently have 2 different feeds setup through feedburner. We created a redirect for the old feedburner URL to the new one and all RSS feeds should be working properly at this point. •All old subscribers will be redirected to the newer […]

Another try at migration…

MEV will be moving us over to our WordPress platform and new look Tuesday early morning.  They have assured us the glitches have been corrected…rss feeds should continue, and links to old posts will be maintained.  Please let me know right away if problems develop… Dan