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Slowing Growth in seniors opting for insurer-run Medicare Advantage plans

When I start to get comments and questions from some of the more expert authorities on healthcare such as Merrill Gooz, Andrew Sprung, Steve Early (Suzanne Gordon), and Kip Sullivan; I start to feel pretty good about some of my commentaries or comments. This last go around on Gooz News in the comments section, we […]

You can move the people to a better environment, or you can move the polluting facilities

I had read the JAMA Network version of this report although I could not get into the Full Text version. You can find a more open version by using a New in Private Window. Cliff notes . . . the polluting company paid for moving the people. In which, the health of the people, the […]

Wall Street, venture capital drive high drug prices

And undermine public health in the process I ran across Merrill and his words at the Washington Monthly magazine. He is another person writing on Healthcare and its issues. This particular article is on the mark in terms of what is occurring in pharmaceutical healthcare today. Kip, Merrill, and I are all hitting similar notes […]

Private Equity and Hospital Acquisitions

This is another extension of what happens when private equity gets involved in business. Hospitals are more important as it has an impact on the neighborhoods around them. If one dies, the local neighborhood is stranded. Good article on just that topic. Private Equity and Its Hospitals, Washington Monthly, Merrill Goozner “Safety net hospitals” serve […]