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News Flash: Obama to Fulfill Campaign Promises!

Tom Bozzo is amazed at the reaction of leading figures in the left blogiverse to the W$J’s “news” that there will be tax cuts as part of the stimulus. See Aravosis, Digby, Krugman, Marshall. Can we cancel the circular firing squad? As far as I can tell from the Journal’s reporting, the main tax elements […]

Reasons I Haven’t Needed to Post

davenoon at LG&M and Kikuchiyo Jones subbing for the good Roger Ailes both clobbered the WSJ’s most egregious fluffing this year. Martin Feldstein continues to try to destroy the previously-brilliant David Warsh’s reputation by openly declaring that the major Bush administration policy initiative was a complete failure, and that a dollar spent with a multiplier […]

I Do Not Think These Words Mean What the Reporter Thinks They Do, Auto Sales Version

Via Dr. Black, this piece yields preciousness: “You have to stay on top of your game,” said Sklar, 65, a straight-talker who wears cuff links to work and has managed sales crews for a quarter-century. “You have to maximize your opportunities. You have to do what you have to do to make a deal.” [emphasis […]

Clap Louder? (WaPo and GDP growth)

This one’s for Brad. The Washington Post’s Neil Irwin should have his license to write about economic news revoked. His lede: The U.S. economy grew at a healthy pace in the second quarter, the government said today, despite being buffeted by a financial crisis, a deep housing slump, high fuel prices and a weak job […]