Reasons I Haven’t Needed to Post

davenoon at LG&M and Kikuchiyo Jones subbing for the good Roger Ailes both clobbered the WSJ’s most egregious fluffing this year.

Martin Feldstein continues to try to destroy the previously-brilliant David Warsh’s reputation by openly declaring that the major Bush administration policy initiative was a complete failure, and that a dollar spent with a multiplier of at best 1.0 should be preferred to investments with spillover effects into private industry (and therefore multipliers definitionally greater than 1.0).

Warsh may never live down this piece, though economic historians may well find the seeds of the destruction of the discipline outlined therein.

UPDATE: PGL at Econospeak was there first, but is nicer than I am.

Meanwhile, it was left to the WaPo to explain Moral Equivalence in the Beltway:

Bill Clinton was sharply criticized for issuing dozens of pardons in his final days that included fugitive financier Marc Rich, while Bush’s father came under fire for forgiving Caspar Weinberger and others involved in the Iran-contra affair.

Yep, a man whose prosecution was viewed by the publisher of the New York Sun as “an error and a tragedy” is at least as evil as actively violating U.S. and international laws while working to support terrorists and destabilize democratic governments. Glad we got that one straight, guys.