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Free market mechanics and healthcare…

by Michael Halasey Free market mechanics and healthcare… Now, I hear something all the time in my work in the health policy realm, and that is that the “free market” could lower prices. I even recently had someone approach me after I mentioned that the PPACA had resulted in an extra million people aged 18-25 […]

Health Care Thoughts: Please do everything you can….

Health Care Thoughts: Please do everything you can…. …. to keep mom/dad alive. Physicians and nurses often dread these conversations. Any of us who have been on the family side of this know how agonizing it can be. And I know even mentioning this can cause a firestorm. However, there are some unsettling issues raised […]

Health Care Thoughts: Regulations Gone Wild

As Rusty presents his short ‘thoughts’ on the administrative end of the national healthcare reform process, I noticed some readers have taken the problems he notes as indicative that the whole process is flawed and destructive. I do believe that is a wrong tack to take and will not serve to learn more of what […]

Health Care Thoughts: Draft Exchange Rules Published

Health Care Thoughts: Draft Exchange Rules Published The Obama administration has published draft rules for the formation and operation of Affordable Insurance Exchanges, a key element in the PPACA (Obamacare) plan to increase insurance coverage. There is a 75 day comment and then more time to digest the comments before final rules are issued. Implementation […]

Beating The New Republic by Seven Days, or Does Jonathan Cohn Read AB?

Yes, it’s another “AB was right” post. Detractors of this blog in general and me in particular could stop reading now. But they shouldn’t. Anyone who thought through the economics could have pointed out what I did on the 17th: From [Republican Congressman John] Boehner’s site: At least 30 percent of employers would gain economically […]

McKinsey Thought-Experiment: What If They Are Correct?

I’m not going to do this with graphics (at least for now), but the finger exercise seems intuitive. Assume—against all evidence—that the “once we educated them, 30% said they would stop offering health insurance to their lowest-paid employees” study is accurate. How does that, as John Boehner declares, cost America jobs? From Boehner’s site: At […]

The Medicare Sky Is Falling (Part 2)

by run75441 The Medicare Sky Is Falling (Part 2) Chicken Little, Courtesy of “EW.Com Entertainment Weekly” Over at The Health Beat Blog, Maggie Mahar explains why the collapse of Medicare HI is less likely with the passage of healthcare reform. The Medicare “Crisis: A Shaggy Wolf Story. Potentially heading off the shortfall of Medicare funding […]

Health Care Thoughts: Accountable Care "Smackdown" Part II

by Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt Health Care Thoughts: Accountable Care “Smackdown” Part II While the feds were developing regulations for Medicare ACOs, both the feds and the American Hospital Association were developing cost numbers for ACO start-ups. Today the AHA published its preliminary numbers, listing 23 major competencies to form and operate a hospital-based ACO […]

Courts and Affordable Care Act…Much Ado About Not Much

by Beverly Mann Much Ado About Not Much The big legal news today was the first appellate-court oral argument, this afternoon, on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. The argument—arguments, actually; two separate cases were argued separately—were to a three-judge panel of the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, the regional federal appeals […]

Guest post: No Assumptions for a Change

Guest Post From Robert Bowman, M.D. No Assumptions for a Change Assumptions are often incorrect and the assumptions are incredibly inaccurate in primary care and in basic health access. When one starts with the assumption of more pay, then it is easy to rationalize more training or more complexity of care – even when there […]