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Nursing Home Regulatory Fiasco – PART I

by Tom aka Rusty NURSING HOME REGULATORY FIASCO – PART I Nursing homes are subject to a two part interactive regulatory system (plus several others) used to calculate certain reimbursement levels. The Minimum Data Set 2.0 (MDS) is a clinical reporting system that is supposed to improve care by having nurses do more paperwork (more […]

HEALTH CARE: Mrs. Rustbelt is Grouchy

by Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt HEALTH CARE: Mrs. Rustbelt is Grouchy Mrs. Rustbelt (aka the world’s great nurse) is a paragon of competence, compassion, service and self-sacrifice. When grandma is ill you want Mrs. R to be granny’s nurse. She routinely gets letters and call from families praising her work, and this is the only […]

Conclusion to my Kauffman Institute Presentation

Note: This is “what I believe I said,” not“what I would have said” and is presented here solely to document the confluences that were, perhaps, clearer in my head than they were in the presentation itself.  As such, several references here are echoes of earlier pieces of the presentation. (Links to same will be updated […]

Health Care & Teabaggers: the War Against an Abstraction

by Bruce Webb Whence Teabaggery? Opponents of Health Care Reform vow to keep up their efforts and sweep Republicans to victory in November. But where do they take their stand? Up to now they have been opposing potential legislation that existed mostly in their own imagination: Socialized Medicine, Obamacare, Government Bureaucrats between You and Your […]

Because "Free Enterprise" is Good for You

The Rude Pundit does what Obama Administration doesn’t have the will to: “United Health Care in Colorado turned down 2-year old Aislin Bates of Denver, Colorado for coverage because they said she was too thin.” … “8-month old Jaxon Thornburgh of Dallas, Texas was denied health insurance because he needed simple therapy to help with […]

Universal Health Care Is Good for Business

A Healthy Blog notes that Massachusetts has reversed the national trend: Since the enactment of Chapter 58, Massachusetts has increased the percentage of employers offering coverage to their employees. With the employer offer rate up 4% over two year, to 76%, we are climbing well above the national average of 60%. This increase occurred in […]

Not-So-Select Short Subjects

Now that I know we’re just members of the “Peanut Gallery,”* let this random links post work as a placeholder for longer posts as we prepare for the “holiday”: Shorter Mark Thoma at Marketwatch: If you can’t build a better model, best to reappoint a man who doesn’t think he has to do half of […]

Health Care Reading Assignment, & Link Request

by Bruce Webb CBO Director’s Blog Manager’s Amendment to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act CBO Analysis/Score Senate Health Care bill Manager’s Amendment Also I would like some links to current and historical numbers on Medical Loss Ratios. I found some claims from a commenter at Dean Baker’s Meet the Press (and past commenter […]