Health Care Reading Assignment, & Link Request

by Bruce Webb

CBO Director’s Blog Manager’s Amendment to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

CBO Analysis/Score Senate Health Care bill Manager’s Amendment

Also I would like some links to current and historical numbers on Medical Loss Ratios. I found some claims from a commenter at Dean Baker’s Meet the Press (and past commenter here) that CMS (Medicare) numbers showed a MLR ratio for private insurance right at 88% and holding over the last few years. A little work on my own showed that MLR for for-profit private insurance ranged between 76% and 84% at around the same time. The difference can not be accounted for by profit alone, that would only explain about half of the difference. Unless of course those who were claiming ‘average’ 3% profit margins were also including non-profits in the calculations. So lets have links aplenty in comments, with some commentary making clear whether those figures include non-profits in the calculation.

Best links & commentary will be lifted and put under the fold. Plus when I find one a link to the current bill text (or commenters can help there as well).