HEALTH CARE: Mrs. Rustbelt is Grouchy

by Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt

HEALTH CARE: Mrs. Rustbelt is Grouchy

Mrs. Rustbelt (aka the world’s great nurse) is a paragon of competence, compassion, service and self-sacrifice. When grandma is ill you want Mrs. R to be granny’s nurse. She routinely gets letters and call from families praising her work, and this is the only thing that makes her lose her composure.

But Mrs. Rustbelt is getting grouchy. Mrs. R is really tired of:

super morbidly obese patients
diabetic and overweight patients who ignore their diets
diabetic and overweight patients who refuse their meds
families who bring junk food to patients with dietary restrictions

She gets upset about nurse aides, who despite training and equipment, get inevitable back injuries. And don’t get her starting on smoking.

Apparently inserting a catheter into a female patient who is 5′ 2″ and 265 pounds is not a whole lot of fun.

If Americans want good health Americans have to start taking some responsibility.

The triple stacker bacon burger is not good for you, get it?

(My lipid panel numbers are good, one advantage of being married to a nurse.)