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Trans-Pacific Partnership and US European Union free trade

Via Naked Capitalism comes more comment on two major global trade agreements also discussed here at Angry Bear. I keep wondering when our national conversation will get around to acknowledging ‘pro-business’ as having a second question to answer: which businesses mostly benefit and which lose out? And a third: what are the rules of free […]

Worms, Pond Scum and Economists

Dean Baker writes Worms, Pond Scum and Economists The effort to blame the awful plight of the young on Social Security and Medicare is picking up steam.In the last week, there were several pieces in The Washington Post and The New York Times that either implicitly or explicitly blamed older workers and retirees for the […]

Housing wealth effect, Baker, Goldfarb and Waldmann

by Robert Waldmann Everything is possible and I think that Dean Baker just lost a debate with a Washington Post reporter.¬† Post reporter Zachary A. Goldfarb¬† wrote The two economists compared what happened in U.S. counties where people had amassed huge debts with those where people had borrowed little. It had long been thought that […]

Big government pushed by the right

Dean Baker notes that liberals have let the right wing get away with the small government mythology… It is astounding how liberals are so happy to work for the right by implying that conservatives somehow just want to leave markets to themselves whereas the liberals want to bring in the pointy-headed bureaucrats to tell people […]

Social Security ‘Reform’: the Undead Return

by Bruce WebbWhat does it take? A stake through the heart? A bullet through the brain? Baker and Krugman do some pushback.Dean Baker in his post The Post’s Jihad against Social Security points to this article Obama Predicts Years of Deficits over $1 trillion and notes that they don’t hesitate to single out the usual […]