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Gas chambers have no place in our animal shelters

I just signed this petition, the information it provides which stunned and sickened me: Petitioning Utah State House Gas chambers have no place in our animal shelters   Petition by Caitlin HallidayKaysville, Utah 192,435 Supporters   Sign Caitlin’s petition   Nobody wants to put a pet to sleep. The process is heartbreaking, even in […]

Please consider signing this petition to shut down this place in Westport, MA

Internet petitions of this sort are helping and saving many, many abused animals.  What I don’t understand about this situation is why it’s been allowed to exist for well more than a decade after it was publicly known about. The petition is by IAnimal South Coast Pet Rescue and Education, Inc.

Frannie [with heartbreaking addendum added]

St. Francis (Frannie) was first reported to our group – Val’s Pals GSD and Large Paw Rescue –  via another rescue named Forgotten Dogs of 5th Ward (in Houston). They are a group who has volunteers go into the 5th Ward area and feed the enormous number of homeless dogs. We were alerted to her on the evening of […]


THIS makes me VERY happy. I go to fairly extreme lengths to avoid buying products from companies that do testing on animals. Ology bar soap and liquid hand soap, which I get at Walgreens, is a favorite, but also Alberto Culver products and a shampoo brand I pick up at Dollar Tree (my mind is blanking […]

Bear with me, AB readers. No pun intended. (OK, well sort of a pun intended.)

Regular AB readers know that from time to time I post links to web pages concerning animal welfare matters, including special-event donation request links, and so here’s another one, which I received in an email this afternoon.  And here’s the sort-0f pun intended.

Day of Giving benefiting Pets for Life today

If you care about animals and the people who love their pets dearly but can’t afford the necessary medical care or struggle mightily to buy the pet food, please click this link and this link and then maybe the links to some of their stories, like these:

Don’t buy eggs at Costco. Buy them at Walmart instead. Seriously.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Brad Pitt and Bill Maher say Costco contributes to animal cruelty by selling eggs from caged hens. Pitt sent a letter to the chief executive of the big-box chain Thursday asking the company to stop selling eggs produced this way. Pitt’s letter to Craig Jelinek says caged birds suffer atrophy of […]