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The Kennedy-Webb Colloquoy on Liberty and Private Property: Want to make it a Seminar?

by Bruce Webb Scottish Professor Gavin Kennedy is the blog-proprietor of ADAM SMITH’S LOST LEGACY and a new (and continuing?) contributor to Angry Bear, most recently with Spare Us From the Invisible Hand. In an earlier post by Gavin Adam Smith in a Broader Legacy I responded to one of our regular Angry Bear glibertarians […]

Adam Smith in a broader context

by guest poster Gavin Kennedy (Rdan-A reader comments on the Research Agenda post on Adam Smith. The comments could not handle the volume of text, so I took the liberty of putting up the comment and the response. Good work guys): The reader suggests Mr. Gavin consider the following quote and his explanation:Adam Smith in […]

Norman Borlaug, Michael Jackson, and the Invisible Hand

by cactus Norman Borlaug, Michael Jackson, and the Invisible Hand When Adam Smith described the concept of laissez-faire capitalism, he argued that it was not just efficient but moral. As long as everyone acted in their own self-interest and the government did not interfere, the Invisible Hand would guide market forces toward the best possible […]