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You Gotta Like Clarke’s Style Dana Milbank, describing Clarke under questioning by Republican commissioner John F. Lehman, in Thursday’s Washington Post: The gallery drew quiet when Lehman questioned Clarke. “I have genuinely been a fan of yours,” he began, and then he said how he had hoped Clarke would be “the Rosetta Stone” for the […]

Who do we have to invade? … to get some cheap gas around here? AB

The DOD Inspector General The Inspector General at the Departmnet of Defense must be disgruntled: According to the report on the inspector general’s Web site, procurement rules were not followed in 22 of 24 deals awarded by the military on behalf of the U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad and its now-defunct Office of Reconstruction […]

Free Trade In a thorough and convincing (to me, but I was already convinced) article in Foreign Affairs, Dan Drezner makes a good point that I hadn’t heard before: Offshore outsourcing is similarly counterbalanced by job creation in the high-end service sector. An Institute for International Economics analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics employment data […]

In the Loop Richard Clarke, in an interview with Salon, seems none to happy with Cheney: QUESTION: Vice President Cheney told Rush Limbaugh that you were not “in the loop,” and that you’re angry because you were passed over by Condi Rice for greater authority. And in fact you were dropped from Cabinet-level position to […]

Fundraising Update I haven’t mentioned donating to Kerry in a while because we were doing so well: Total Donations: 15 Total Dollars: $1141.78 Average Donation: $76.12 That includes $350 from Kash and I. So Angry Bear readers have ponied up $800 so far to help spread Kerry’s message and fight Bush’s attacks! Remember that after […]

Too Funny Usually I prefer not to post an entire piece of someone else’s work, but it’s hard to excerpt a cartoon and this one from Tom Toles is too funny: AB

More McClellan We’ve already established, using the White House’s own press release, that on and before 9/11 Clarke was in fact a top member of the anti-terorrism team, not the cyber-security team. In fact, on 9/11, he was apparently second only to Dr. Rice in the anti-terrorism hierarchy. Next question: did Clarke meet with Bush […]

Then Where Was He And What Was He Doing? Skippy catches a puzzling statement from Press Secretary McClellan: Q Scott, this morning, you said the President didn’t recall the conversation in the Situation Room on September 12th that Mr. Clarke said he had, where the President asked Dick Clarke three times to pursue links between […]

Swing State Summary This table summarizes the results of my analyses to date of the jobs situation in Swing States; details and a discussion are at The American Street. AB UPDATE: Table corrected so that the column 3 heading reads “Right/Left Vote” and the ordering in that column is made consistent: Bush’s % first, then […]