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Buy Now! Via Atrios, Franken’s book release date is being moved up: So far, the legal action has only helped sell the book, which for the past week has been in the top 10 on Penguin originally planned a print run of 250,000, but announced Monday that it had ordered an additional 40,000 copies. […]

Recognizing the Obvious I liked this detail in today’s Washington Post: President Bush, revising his earlier characterization of the fighting in Iraq, said in an interview released yesterday that combat operations are still underway in that country. In an interview with the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service given on Thursday and released by the […]

The Liberal List is Up I was wrong; the Liberal list-topper was not FDR or Churchill but the great Martin Luther King. On balance, my guesses about the Liberal list were close but somewhat off. Also, I clearly have to learn more about Vaclav Havel (book suggestions?). AB

Watson and Crick Update Angry Bear’s girlfriend (let’s call her Honey Bear, or HB), who knows a lot about DNA, takes exception to my separately including Watson and Crick and points me to Rosalind Franklin and DNA, by Anne Sayre. I, perhaps like many others, have not heard of Franklin. As it turns out, though, […]

Greatest Twenty of the Twentieth, as compiled from Conservative bloggers John Hawkins’ [Right Wing] Bloggers Select The Greatest Figures Of The 20th Century is up now. A few of the selections are noteworthy. FDR came in at #11 on the Righties’ Greatest list, in spite of tying for 17th place on the Righties’ Worst Figures […]

By That Standard, Yes Here’s DeLay on the redistricting “They [the three judge panel that in 2001 drew the Texas districts, after the Texas legislature failed to do so and after Gov. Perry chose not to call a special session to address the issue] did a very poor job, as evidenced by the fact we […]

Catholic Conversion Given the execrable Republican spin that opposition Mark Pryor’s nomination to the 11th Circuit means that Democrats are prejudiced against Catholics (is there a more beloved Democrat than JFK?), I can’t help wondering whether this means a Bork re-nomination is in the works: Former circuit judge, U.S. solicitor general and 1987 Supreme Court […]

Give Money I’ve seriously reduced my contributions to various political organizations, because I’m saving up as much as I can for the eventual Democratic nominee (it will be, for me, a ground-breaking donation, reiterating my earlier additional reason for disliking today’s Republicans: they are costing me money). But now I’m making an exception. The Texas […]

Well Said Digby’s got it right: Because we have hit the wall, folks. The Nader vote should have been a clue — not that we need to move left, but that we’d gone as far to the right as we could. Any further and we lose the base, either to a third party or apathy. […]