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Social Security Debate: Does George Will Think I’m a Marxist?

Never mind the fact that David Brooks once claimed opponents of the Bush Social Security plan do not trust markets, George Will is actually getting praised for the following: Voluntary personal accounts will allow competing fund managers, rather than a government monopoly on income transfers from workers to retirees, to allocate a large pool of […]

Who Should be Sec. of State: Condi Rice or Juan Cole?

Even Senators Boxer and Kerry are willing to say Dr. Rice is “qualified” to be Secretary of State, which I find amazing in that both Senators have the courage to admit Dr. Rice is dishonest. But isn’t credibility a key element in the list qualifications for our nation’s chief diplomat? Which is why I really […]

Cheney v. Carter on the Role of the Presidency

The History Channel will air “Inside the Presidency” where they interview both Dick Cheney and Jimmy Carter as well as Gerald Ford. As I read this story, Cheney seems to be admitting that Bush-Cheney has brought back the Imperial Presidency of Nixon-Agnew. Three things about what Cheney apparently said. First, his notion that the President […]


The Washington Post is reporting that the theme of today’s inauguration speech will be “The Expansion of Freedom.” From the speech: “We are led, by events and common sense, to one conclusion: The survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands. The best hope for peace in […]

Inauguration Festivities

The place to be in Washington, DC tonight: No group has more to celebrate tonight than “Billionaires for Bush”. After all, just take a look at how well their investments in George Bush have paid off in recent years! Kash

Does Lou Dobbs Consider Trade with China “Idiotic”?

On his Monday version of China bashing, Lou Dobbs interviewed Tim Ryan, a member of the Congressional Manufacturing Caucus. Lou twice said that trading with China represented “idiotic policies”. Trade protectionist Ryan advocated sanctions of China for exporting goods to places like Europe, Japan, and the United States and then made this claim: the only […]

Social Security Debate: Arnold Kling v. Max Sawicky with One Exception

Econoblog features this interesting dialogue between Arnold Kling and Max Sawicky. Arnold’s comments are interesting but I still preferred Max’s dialogue with Andrew Samwick (see link to Voxbaby over at the right). In several places, I wanted to take exception to Arnold’s comments and each case except one, Max made my point better than I […]

Rice Hearings: I May Have Underestimated My Junior Senator

But I have resigned from the Diane Feinstein fan club. I watched my senior Senator introduce Dr. Rice this morning. Now I’m all for bipartisan support for good foreign policy and a strong national defense but Senator Feinstein’s gushing over Dr. Rice went beyond credibility. But then Senator Boxer made me proud I voted for […]

Expectations for 2005

Here’s further confirmation that influential market participants don’t expect any serious trouble for the US economy this year: LONDON (Reuters) – Interest rates will continue rising steadily this year, with tightening also expected in Canada and — in the final months of 2005 — in the euro zone, a Reuters poll of more than 150 […]