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Best Take Yet on the Stalker I’m sure most of you have seen that self-proclaimed poor, stupid, and Krugman-stalking Don Luskin had his lawyer send a letter to Atrios demanding that Atrios remove a post that (accurately) mocked Luskin, and that the accompanying comments also be removed. I don’t have much to add on this; […]

Up is Down Here at Angry Bear, when we make reference to “up is down” or “down is up,” we’re usually referring to some new Orwellian step by the administration (seriously, Karl, 1984 was a warning, not an instruction manual). This morning, Kash showed how “… the BLS has magically discovered a way for jobless […]

The Daily Show Thursday night: JOHN: Isn’t a mistake for the President to blame the Navy for hanging the “mission accomplished” sign up there. ROB:Absolutely not, John. The President didn’t even want it up there at all. But, as you know, he’s got no control over the Navy. JOHN: Rob, he’s the Commander in Chief, […]

Treasury’s Nonsense about China’s Exchange Rate The Treasury Department issued their annual report this morning examining whether any countries are using their exchange rates to unfairly take advantage of the US. Unsurprisingly, the report discusses the politically important issue of China’s exchange rate vis-à-vis the US in some detail. (If you want some background on […]

The Perpetual Declining Unemployment Machine This week’s initial unemployment claims, in another report released this morning, were 386,000. Since the revised figure for last week is 391,000, headlines can justly read “Jobless Claims Drop,” even though last week’s initial estimate was 386,000. Interestingly, “Jobless Claims Drop” is exactly what the headlines also read last week, […]

GDP Shocker The GDP numbers were really impressive this morning. The preliminary estimate of overall level of GDP growth during the period July-September was 7.2%, which is the fastest rate of GDP growth since 1984. It’s worth checking out the original report for some details. What caused such rapid GDP growth? Surprisingly, it was pretty […]

Deeply Conflicted 4th Circuit Nominee Under questioning from Democrats yesterday, Claude Allen said he did not intend to insult homosexuals when as a campaign press aide to then-Sen. Jesse Helms (R-N.C.) he referred to “queers.” He also said he was “deeply conflicted” about a Helms filibuster against creation of a federal holiday for the Rev. […]

By The Current Metric… …things must be even better now than they were before. AB

Falsifiability and Pangloss First, you weren’t seeing enough of the good news. Now, the bad news is good news. Here’s President Bush, implying that the attacks are a sign that things are going well: “The more progress we make on the ground, the more free the Iraqis become, the more electricity that’s available, the more […]

Daily Howler Somerby is good today, if I bit more perturbed by the media than usual (“EXTRA! IT’S TIME FOR NAGOURNEY TO GO: Adam Nagourney needs to be fired for his work in this morning’s New York Times”). Why? Nagourney, whose work I often like, is faking quotes. Here’s what Nagourney has Clark saying (quote […]