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Now who do I pick on? This just came across the wires: Hubbard leaves econ post. My theory: the barrage of critical analysis from Angry Bear became too much to bear. Note that the announcement hit the wires a scant 9 minutes after my More Glen “No connection” Hubbard and Taxes post. Hubbard’s being replaced […]

More Glen “No connection” Hubbard and Taxes I came across this very recent interview with Glenn Hubbard (chair of the President’s Council of Economic Advisors, in which Dr. Hubbard talks about “The Fundamentals of Tax Reform”. I first mentioned Hubbard and tax reform here, give links to other stories on Consumption and Income Taxes here […]

Dividend Taxes Part III: Empire-Building This is long, but hopefully not too boring. If you are in a hurry, skip down to the bold-faced paragraph and read from there. Quoting from an earlier post, dividend taxes “do discourage firms from distributing profits to shareholders. And, as it turns out, when firms don’t distribute profits to […]

Exciting Opportunity My contact email ( has only existed for 10 days. In the entire Internet, it is only posted here. What is the third email I get? That’s right, an exciting opportunity to help embezzle funds out of Nigeria! FROM THE DESK OF: BARRISTER SAMUEL BASSEY. FAX: 234-1-ZZZZZZZZ. E-MAIL: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ@NETSCAPE.NET. HELLO, I SINCERELY HOPE […]

Continuing my not-yet-waning obsession with tracking hits to my site, I see that I am now the top Google hit for “the meaning of share buyback”, beating out, inter alia, the Motley Fool! (UK edition). AB

And on Ted Barlow, I caught this gem regarding the Presden’t recent speech in Georgia, which I mentioned here. Barlow refers to a Newsday story that leads with There was only one problem with President George W. Bush’s claim Thursday that the nation’s top economists forecast substantial economic growth if Congress passed the president’s tax […]

This AP story is somewhat amusing. Bush uses the press quite masterfully, but he really (1) doesn’t seem willing to answer unscripted questions (based on the paucity of press conferences) and (2) doesn’t want to be seen answering unscripted questions, as this quote illustrates: White House officials promised a wide-ranging exchange, and as Monday’s meeting […]

He’s well to the left of me, but that doesn’t keep his cartoons from being hilarious and generally on the money. While I assume there are cheaper ways to view the strips, Tom Tomorrow alone justifies a good chunk of Salon’s subscription price or watching an ad. AB

I spent a few hours reading Eric Alterman’s What Liberal Media. As others have said, it’s good. Buy it and read it. So far, it’s clear and convincing. (Of course, I started out with the belief that its fundamental premise is true). I hope to add some further commentary over the next week. But first, […]

I’ve developed what I fear may be an unhealthy addiction to tracking views of my blog, though I think it will pass with time. In any event, I see that I turn up on Google as the 9th most relevant hit for the search “bush’s tax consumption regressive”. That puts me one ahead of a […]