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More Programming Earlier, I talked about the administration not so subtly replacing the pre-war allegations of Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction with post-war allegations of Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs. Apparently, Tony Blair is also with this program. According to a story in The Independent, Blair faced over an hour of questioning by the […]

Well Said I now predict that Clark will become, if he wasn’t already, the preferred candidate of the Left half of the blogosphere. Why? Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire has this quote from General Clark: “The world expects something more of an American president than to prance around on a flight deck dressed up like a […]

Uranium Update UPDATE: The story cited below is a hoax–Capitol Hill Blue founder Doug Thompson now alleges that he was intentionally deceived by someone pretending to be Terry Wilkinson for the last 20 years (Thompson: “Erasing the stories doesn’t erase the fact that we ran articles containing information that, given the source, was probably inaccurate. […]

What a Difference a Day Makes First, take a look at Talking Points Memo for an excerpt from Ari Fleischer’s press conference yesterday as he tries to argue that the uranium statement in the State of the Union speech was not incorrect. For example: Q: Do you hold that the President – – when you […]

Chronology Correction and Clarification Blogger Rob Booth, who has the advantage of living in Texas, corrects part of my chronology. By confusing the Texas House of Representatives with the U.S. House of Representatives, my post falsely gives the impression that the current U.S. Congressional districts were drawn up by the Legislative Redistricting Board, which has […]

DeLay Redistricting From this story in today’s Houston Chronicle: Almost 1 million blacks and Hispanics live in the districts of six Anglo Democratic congressmen who likely would lose re-election under the proposed Republican redistricting plan…And [Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon, D-San Antonio] said blacks and Hispanics in Galveston are taken out of [Democrat Nick] Lampson’s current […]

I’m a Democrat Via CalPundit, this fun quiz that, based on your responses to a series of questions, ranks candidates based how closely aligned their positions are to your answers. Kevin and I had fairly similar rankings (same top three) and we were both surprised to see Kucinic at the top of the list. But […]

Redistricting in Texas Post-publication note: this post contains inaccurate information about the Legislative Redistricting Board’s role in crafting U.S. Congressional districts, but I’m leaving it up to keep the record intact (I only edit grammar or make minor wording changes post-publication). The correction and clarification are here. What is going on now in Texas is […]

Government Information Awareness Inspired by Ashcroft’s TIPS plan to create dossiers on all Americans and to get you to spy on your neighbors, an MIT researcher has created the Government Information Awareness (GIA) program. Here’s the mission statement: To empower citizens by providing a single, comprehensive, easy-to-use repository of information on individuals, organizations, and corporations […]

The Party of Fiscal Responsibility Potential recallee Gray Davis has a plan to deal with California’s $38 billion deficit by raising taxes by $8b and reducing spending by $18b. In contrast, California Republicans want to deal with the revenue shortfall without raising taxes, preferring to instead cut unnecessary services (like kindergarrten!), increase borrowing, and basically […]