The Battle is Won

No, sadly not the War on Terrorism, just AB’s battle against the Axis of Frustration (Blogger, Templates, HTML) and its weapons of extreme annoyance: style sheets, screen resolution, table width and placement, TR and TD, valign,….

Unless I’m crazy, Angry Bear is now viewable without horizontal scrolling in resolutions from 800×600 to at least 1280×1024. In 1024×768 or higher resolution, you can see all of Angry Bear. In 800×600, you should see the left hand panel and the blog text, though you have to scroll right to see the archives (look soon for a button on the bottom of the left panel that says “Archives” and takes you to the top of the right panel Done!). All three resolutions have been tested in both IE and Opera. In Opera, the title doesn’t show up for some reason, just a big orange rectangle (my next project), but other than that, Done! everything is fine in both. Comments now work in both Opera and IE, on PCs and Macs, though I had to take out some of the extras like bullet list and font formatting.

Normal posting should resume tomorrow.


UPDATE: There were a few more skirmishes, but they are done now, as reflected by the above striken-through text.