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Bush and Pelosi As you may recall, the latest expansion of the child tax credit excluded low income families who pay little or no income taxes (although they pay payroll taxes). The Senate tried to extend the credit to all families, but the House blocked it. Bush is giving lip service to the Senate plan, […]

Uday Qusay Hussein Dead Jokes Skimming my traffic logs, I see that I’m getting a lot of hits from morbid people searching Google for “Uday Qusay Hussein dead jokes”, even though this site sin’t particularly relevant for that. The problem is that I’ve got jokes about the Green Party (e.g., here), and I have a […]

Rice Watch Day 3 Via Josh Marshall, this from Rice’s top aide Stephen Hadley in a Tuesday, July 22, 2003 White House Q&A: Question: But as of memo number two, certainly Dr. Rice was aware of the concerns, the CIA — Hadley: What we know is, again, a copy of the memo comes to the […]

Ouch There’s some language that reflects rather poorly on FBI Director Freeh (emphasis in original): …Rule 6(e) restricts the disclosure of information actually revealed in the confidence of the grand jury chamber. This prohibition, however, does not actually reach other information in the possession of law enforcement entities… …Sadly, however, Rule 6(e) increasingly came to […]

9/11 Report If you have a lot of time on your hands, the full 950 page report is available here. For a pdf of the summary, click here. AB UPDATE: I’ve read the summary now. Some of the findings in the report are fairly disturbing. The report explicitly avoids saying that 9/11 was preventable, but […]

Must-Watch Daily Show You should probably be watching the Daily Show anyway, because Jon Stewart is more informative than Larry King any day of the week. In any event, tonight’s Daily Show guest is none other that Ambassador Joseph Wilson, who first outed the SOTU deception and whose wife was apparently outed as a CIA […]

Look! Over there! Photographs of Quday and Usay! That didn’t take long (warning: if you follow the link you’ll see fairly graphic pictures). From Fox News, Uday, Qusay Pictures Released: WASHINGTON — The Pentagon released pictures Thursday of the bodies of Saddam Hussein’s (search) much-feared sons. The extremely graphic photographs were distributed on CD- ROM […]

Green and Greenerer Matt Yglesias linked to my original Green post and got some good responses from Greens, former Greens, and Democrats really angry with the Greens. CalPundit got even more comments on the same topic here. In my comments, as well as theirs, one line of argument keeps resurfacing from the Greens: “If only […]

nation’s largest television networks to grow bigger

Veto Proof F.C.C. Media Rule Blocked in House in a 400-to-21 Vote WASHINGTON, July 23 — The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed legislation today to block a new rule supported by the Bush administration that would permit the nation’s largest television networks to grow bigger by owning more stations. The vote, which was 400 to […]

Blogs in The Boston Globe The Globe has a story on political blogs that you might find interesting. Oliver Willis gets a big plug, as does Howard Dean’s blog. Unlike other stories on blogging that I’ve seen in the press, there’s not much to disagree with in this one. The story also raises a question […]