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Rice Watch Day 2 Josh Marshall reports (permalink broken, scroll down to “Interesting insider info”) that today’s Nelson Report says this: …yesterday, Hadley performed a virtual repeat of Tenet’s highly qualified “taking responsibility” pose by making it clear that if he has to take a fall, then Ms. Rice needs to explain why she didn’t […]

Look! Over there! Photographs of Quday and Usay! Just thought I’d get that over with since you’ll be hearing it a lot over the coming weeks in response to any questions about the conduct of the war, faulty intelligence, how said intelligence got into the SOTU speech, the White House outing a CIA agent, and […]

Green Update Tomasky has a new story in the American Prospect, “Gang Green: The Democrats can cure their Ralph Nader problem by attacking him — immediately and ferociously.” Tomasky writes First, if it was the intention of Nader voters in New York or Massachusetts (or any state Al Gore was certain to win in 2000) […]

Condoleezza Watch Day One I was tempted to start the watch back on July 6th when I made this post, but I thought it was premature. Now, via Atrios, I see that Rice’s top assistant, Stephen Hadley, is trying to do a George Tenet: “‘I have failed in that responsibility,’ Hadley said during the off-camera […]

Green Joke Update I have the first submission, and it made me laugh out loud (via blogger Alex Frantz): Q: How many Greens does it take to change a lightbulb? A: There’s no important difference between darkness and the so-called light that is created by destructive multinational corporations. The only real answer is to pruduce […]

Dead Sons I suppose that the deaths of Uday and Qusay Hussein constitute good news, particularly insofar as Saddam’s sons were actively encouraging attacks on U.S. soldiers and Iraqi infrastructure. Capturing them might have been better, but it appears that they were determined to go down shooting. It does seem bit odd that they were […]

Green Jokes (and a small rant) Back in the day, I remember a wide array of jokes that played on the alleged stupidity of either Aggies or Polish people. I suppose that the times have changed enough that such jokes are no longer fashionable in polite company. But there’s a viable alternative for those of […]

And Now in Words For anyone who gets tired of charts, graphs, and excessive numbers, Dwight Meredith uses compelling prose to lay out the current budget deficit situation. Even if you are a chart and numbers kind of person, go read it. And, most of all, if you think everything the government touches is a […]

More Deficit Data I just came across OMBwatch, another good site for those excited by data on federal revenue and spending. There, I found a page devoted to “Interpreting the Return to Budget Deficits“. The analysis and findings are similar to my earlier post, but with more detail and some additional graphs. In OMBwatch’s estimation, […]

It All Depends on What Constitutes an Imminent Threat By now, you’ve probably heard about the House Republicans–specifically Rep. Bill Thomas–calling the cops on the Democrats, or rather one Democrat. Eschaton’s Lambert has the money-quote from an Austin-American Statesman piece on the incident: Republicans defended Thomas, saying he had no choice but to call in […]