Low, Even for Astroturf

The Iraqi soldier astroturf is old news, but now it’s mainstream news. Here’s an exchange that would be amusing if it were not so depressingly revealing of the length GOP supporters will go to–in this case, as soldier’s grenade wound is not bad news, but instead a great opportunity for some good PR:

But another letter, purportedly written by a GI hospitalized for wounds suffered in a grenade attack, came as a surprise to Pfc. Nick Deaconson of Beckley, W.Va., according to his dad.

The soldier received a congratulatory phone call from his father, Timothy, for getting the letter published in the local newspaper.

“When I told him he wrote such a good letter, he said: ‘What letter?'” Timothy Deaconson told Gannett. “This is just not his (writing) style.”



UPDATE: Josh Marshall will be discussing this tonight on Aaron Brown’s show (10:00 Eastern).